LaHave River Yacht Club

2017 Sponsors



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South Shore Ready Mix - Captain

1896 King Street, P. O. Box 247 Bridgewater, N.S. B4V 2W9

Contact: Kent Nickerson, 902-543-4639 [email protected]

Ultramar Home Heating - Captain  

CST Canada Co., 29 Century Dr. Hebbville, N.S., B4V 2X6

Phone: 902-543-5599

Contact Person: Scott Young

Email: [email protected]

Nodding Sales and Services - Captain

The River Pub - Captain

BioPed - Captain

450 Lahave St (in Bridgewater Physio)
     Painful feet or legs? We can help.  
    Custom and non-custom orthotics

Phone: 902-832-3777

Contact: David Chaffey, CPed  (C)

MAZDA Bridgewater - Captain
Contact person: Billy Sewell
15230 Highway # 1
Hebbville, N. S. B4V 6K5

Buck's Home Building Center - Mate

Gow's Home Hardware - Mate

The Kitchen Witch - Mate

Sailloft - Mate

The Lunenburg Boat Locker -Mate

Rofihe's Mens Wear / Crew

629 King Street

Bridgewater, N. S.

B4V 1B5


Contact Person: Jim Rofhie

Email: [email protected]

Bear River Plastic Welding Inc. - Crew

 2315 Spinnaker Drive Cornwallis, N.S. B0S 1H0 phone # 1-902-638-3438 Contact: Dave Wilson email address:

Bridgewater Superstore - Crew

21 Davidson Dr, Bridgewater, NS B4V 2P9

Contact: Shelley Blanchard

Phone: 902 543-1809


Email: [email protected]

Debbie Richardson - Mary Kay Independent Consultant - Crew

Phone: 902 530-2494

Cell: 902 476-6796

Email: [email protected]

Vogue Optical - Crew

Email: [email protected]

195 Kenmount Rd Bridgewater, NS B4V1B3

Phone: (902) 543-1199

Contact: Shannon Oickle

Live Your Dream Investment Planning Counsel - Crew

 13390 Highway #3 Upper LaHave N. S. B4V 7C5
contact person: Jarrett Coleman,
902-527-1355 cell 902-521-4399

Beyond Aesthetic Studio - Crew

702 on Highway #10

Cookeville, N.S.

B4V 7P8


Contact: Shelly Walters

Sell off - Crew

 450 LaHave St. Bridgewater, N. S. B4V 4A3

Contact person: Judith Mossman 902-543-1771 ext. 6195 [email protected]

2017 Race Sponsors

1st Tuesday Series 30 May to 4 July -

Sponsored by Robar Countertops

67 McCullock Road, Cookville, N. S. B4V 7P1, Contact – Artie Robar

Phone # 902-543-7149 [email protected]


1st Thursday Series 1 June to 6 July -

Sponsored by BAIT

Contact - Wendy Rockwell Phone# 902 527-1355

2nd Tuesday Series 11 Jul to 15 Aug -
Sponsored by Live Your Dream Investment Planning Counsel
13390 Highway #3, Upper LaHave, N.S. B4V7C5
Contact - Jarred Coleman Phone# 902 527-1355

2nd Thursday Series -13 July to 17 Aug
Sponsored by Mosher Motors
PO Box 219, 15180 Autorow, Hwy#3, Bridgewater, N.S. B4V2W8
Contact - Mark Mosher
Phone# 1 866 980-4485
[email protected]

Fall Tuesday & Thursday Series -
22 Aug to 7 Sep

Art Dechman Yachtsmanship Trophy

Sponsored by Marie Dechman

1967 Hwy 331

West LaHave, NS, B0R 1G0

Contact person - Marie Dechman

Phone # 902-688-2223

[email protected]

Rofihe's Trophy - 27 May
Sponsored by Rofihe's

45 Airlee Acres

Pleasantville, NS, B0R 1G0

Contact person – Barry Rofihe

Phone # 902-543-4791

[email protected]


George Young Trophy – 3 June

Sponsored by George Young

6269 Hwy 332

Upper LaHave, NS, B4V 7B1

Contact person – George Young

Phone # 902-543-2510

[email protected]

Saunders Motors Trophy – 10 June Sponsored by Saunders Motors        15221 Hwy 3 Hebbville, N. S. B4V6X4 Contact person – Nick Saunders Phone # 902-543-3135 [email protected]

Captain Orval Banfield Ladies Skipper Trophy - 22 Jul

Sponsored by Captain Orval Banfield

542 Crouse’s Settlement Rd

Crouse’s Settlement, NS, B4V 0G3

Contact person – Orval Banfield

Phone # 902-543-3675

[email protected]

Sand Dollar Ladies Skippers Race -

22 July

Sponsored by Patricia Mitchell


Skippers Plan Trophy - Ladies Skippers Race - 24 June
Sponsored by Skippers Plan Insurance
80 Richmond St West Suite 700 Toronto, ON M5H2A4 Phone# 1 647 725-9799
Contact Petra Fischer
[email protected]

 Single-Handed Trophy - 15 Jul Sponsored by

Tickle Bee Ladies Skippers Race in memory of William Fenn sponsored by Dorothy Fenn

Lunenburg Overnight Race - 5/6 Aug Sponsored by

Old Fish Factory Restaurant & Ice House Bar

68 Bluenose Dr., Lunenburg NS B0J2C0

1 800-533-9336



R. D. Mitchell Yachtsman Trophy –

9 Sept

Sponsored by David Mitchell in memory of his father Ralph David Mitchell, an avid yachtsman.

Contact person – David Mitchell

Phone # 902-688-1133

[email protected]

Lunenburg Boat Locker Labour Day Regatta 2/3 Sept

Sponsored by Lunenburg Boat Locker

280 Montague St

Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0

Contact person – Doug Philp

Phone # 902-640-3202

[email protected]

Aloha Trophy in memory Betty Lorraine Binnington-8 July

Sponsored by Colin Binnington in his mother's memory

Halifax, NS,

Contact person – Colin Binnington

Phone # 902-406-0991

Darlene Doling Trophy (Overall Line Honours)

Sponsored by Ewart Morse

21 Central St

Bridgewater, NS, B4V 1Y9

Contact person – Ewart Morse

Phone # 902-543-5560

[email protected]

Cross Island Trophy Race - 17 June
Sponsored by Langille's Plumbing, Heating and Water Treatment

261 York St., Bridgewater, NS B4V1R6


Contact: Paul Langille

Overnight Chester Race - 26/27 Aug
Sponsored by Himmelman's Trophies and Gifts

Lincoln St, Lunenburg NS B0J2C0


Contact: Paul Smith