Youth Sailing

Welcome to LRYC Learn to Sail 2024


The LRYC, LTS program is based on fun
and teaching kids the fundamentals of sailing and sportsmanship.
We have the perfect setting along the beautiful LaHave River.
I am looking forward to a great program this year!
Below I explained some basic information. If you have any other questions please contact me.
Youth Sailing Director Val Doan
Cell 902 529-1092

LRYC runs a small/fun/affordable Learn to Sail Program.
We teach participants following the CanSail guidelines.
If you want your sailor to have a registered CanSail level (if achieved), there will be an additional $20.00 charge.
This information will be put into CanSail’s Checkclick system so it can be accessed anytime in the future no matter where your sailor participates.

Sailor Safety
On the water, coaches carry a Participant Information Form and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) at all times. Each coach boat is equipped with all Transport Canada required safety equipment and an updated first aid kit

All instructors are required to adhere to all Club safety requirements and Emergency Action/Response Plan procedures.
If an injury is serious, emergency responders may be contacted, a parent or guardian will be notified immediately and the individual may be brought to the local emergency department. An instructor will accompany the sailor to the emergency department and bring their Medical Form. Emergency numbers are posted next to all phones.

Basic Safety
No sailors on docks or floats without supervision and a life jacket/PFD.

Life jackets/PFDs must be worn and secured at all times when on docks, floats, boats or in the water (by sailors, instructors and coaches)

  • Closed-toe footwear to be worn at all times
  • No running
  • No unsupervised swimming
  • No jumping off boats (except with the permission of the instructors)
  • Respect one another – no hitting, pushing, roughhousing
  • Use respectful language – no swearing, foul, or rude language
  • No littering on land or water
  • Stay with the class unless you have permission from an instructor to leave
  • Sailors must make an effort to sail out and return to docks together/with a buddy
  • Prior to drills, all boats must stay within hailing distance of the coach boat
  • No destruction of Club or private property
  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol
  • Watch fingers and feet between boats, docks and moving part
  • Sailors must make every effort to avoid collisions

What if it rains?
Sailing lessons might not be held on days in which inclement weather is forecasted. This will most likely impact the Wet Feet groups. This means you will receive an email by 7:30 a.m. on any days in question with cancellation notice for that day. This determination will be made by the Head Coach and the Learn to
Sail Director on a day by day, and session-by-session basis.
Examples of inclement weather include heavy wind and heavy rain, when we cannot accommodate large numbers of sailors inside the clubhouse for on-land lessons.
Please ensure you have back-up child care or plans in place.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds due to bad

Cell Phones
We have a ‘no electronics’ policy.
This policy is in place for several reasons. Firstly, devices are distracting! Our Junior Sailing program strives to encourage sailors to live a fun and active lifestyle. Mobile phones, iPads and iPhones are a distraction during lessons and negatively impact the sailing experience.
Second, the building is not secure during the day, and as such we cannot guarantee the safety of such sought-after devices.
Finally, sailing is wet! Sailors have the tendency to bring half the river in with them when they get in from sailing and such an environment is not ideal for expensive electronic devices.
We have a phone in our clubhouse that sailors can use in the event that they need to call their parents or guardians. If you would like your child to have a cell phone during the day, that is of course fine. We simply ask that it is kept in their bag during sailing hours. The program takes no responsibility for any loss or damage of the device. Instructors have permission to put away any devices until the end of
the day that are out during the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


  • LRYC Clubhouse Phone # 902-688-3177
  • LRYC LTS Director #902-529-1092

LTS race night are Wednesday nights
Whether you are returning, or a first time sailor, talk to an instructor to reserve a boat! Parents or Guardians of non-Member students will be given an honorary social membership for the period(s) that their children are taking part in the program. They are invited to view the action from the Clubhouse veranda.

The second Friday of each session features assessment results, a cookie contest and seamanship races. It is an awesome way to wrap up.
*The Awards Night date to be determined.

Please note:
Due to the individual learning speeds of each student and other factors such as weather, the student may not gain the CANSAIL level which they are working towards in only a two week session.