1. DOT approved Personal Floatation Device. Your PFD should be in good condition and for the correct weight range. It should fit snugly, but allow freedom of movement.

2. Footwear. Sandals or old sneakers are fine for footwear, but must be able to get wet and must have a heel enclosure (i.e.: sandals with a heel strap). Rinse with fresh water after class is over.

3. Clothing. Whatever you bring to wear should be appropriate for the weather (i.e.: if it is cold, bring more than one layer and if it is hot, bring shorts).  Only bring clothes that you are willing to get wet! Always bring a second change of clothes or two changes, if you want to switch into dry clothes more often during the day. It is always better to have too much dry clothing at hand than too little.

4. Lunch. Bring a lunch with you, or bring funds to purchase a lunch at the Club Grill during its open hours.

5. Drinks. Bring a filled water bottle, and remember to drink it. Even in Nova Scotia dehydration is a concern when outdoors all day. Sports drinks are fine, but sugar drinks are not recommended.

6. Towels. Bring at least one, two is better.

7. Sunscreen. It is very easy to get sunburn when you are out on the water for a good part of the day. Bring it with you and use it! A good quality sun block of at least SPF 15 (30 is better) that blocks both UVA & UVB. A tube of lip screen is also a good idea. Eye protection such as sunglasses are a good idea but can get lost without straps, a hat with a brim is just as good.