What does the Rear Commodore do?

It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore to assist the Commodore and Vice Commodore in the performance of their duties and in their absence to act in their stead.

The Rear Commodore is responsible to the Commodore LRYC. The Rear Commodore is responsible for the direction of the following Officers, Committees and facilities:
a. Wharves, Floats, Moorings,
b. ClubTenders,
c. Visiting Boats up to and including sign-in,
d. Learn to Sail Committee,
e. Racing Committee, and
f. Has overall responsibility in the absence of the Commodore and Vice-Commodore.

In close association with the Dock Master…

The Rear Commodore is responsible for everything beyond the waterline, excluding the marine rails. The Dock Master, reporting to the Rear Commodore, is generally responsible for day-to-day operations of the marina and mooring field. During B&G operation, fueling and dockage is carried out by the Yard Person who reports to the B&G Manager. The Yard Person’s marina duties takes direction from the Dock Master or Rear Commodore on approval of the B&G Manager.

Rear Commodore is responsible for timely maintenance of LRYC database records related to his duties. The Membership chair will assist with tutorial and record access.